Sandbag exercises

Browse the Fitstream collection of Sandbag Exercises for the ultimate in strength and conditioning training. 

  • Sandbag Get-up Thumb
    Sandbag Get-up
    The sandbag get-up exercise is well-rounded movement that helps develop a huge amount of muscles in the body, and requires considerable agility and coordination to achieve. It's an excellent choice for building strength, muscular endurance and enhancing fat loss.
    Primary Muscle: Abdominals Secondary Muscle(s): Calves, Quadriceps

Training with sandbags

The sandbag is a highly effective training tool due to it's unwieldy nature. You can use sandbags to develop immense strength, speed and power, for complete body workouts and hundreds of available exercises. 

The body is forced to constantly adapt it's position to help control and stabilise the bag which is incredibly taxing on the muscles, and makes the sandbag an effective fat loss tool. 


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.