Biceps Curl

Develop biceps size and strength with this basic isolation exercise.

Primary Muscle Biceps
Secondary Muscle(s) Forearms
Difficulty Beginner
Also known as Dumbbell Curl, Barbell Curl, DB Biceps Curl, BB Biceps Curl, Standing Biceps Curl, Isometric Curl
Optional Barbell and Weights, Dumbbells

How to do Bicep Curls

  1. Grab a barbell with underhand grip, arms shoulder width apart.
  2. Contract the biceps and raise the arms up through an arc, so forearms are in a vertical position.
  3. Lower the arms back down to the starting position under control.
  4. Repeat for desired reps. 

Biceps Curl Guide

Biceps curls are basic isolated weight training exercises that specifically target the biceps muscle. The movement is commonly performed with dumbbells or barbells and used to build strength and muscle size.

Biceps Curl Variations

  • Dumbbell curl - curling dumbbells specifically 
  • Barbell curl - curling barbell and weights specifically
  • Incline biceps curl - using a bench positioned at a 45 degree angle, lifting dumbbells
  • Concentration curl - the elbow and upper arm are supported against the knee / lower leg to keep the upper arm still during the exercise, ensuring focus on biceps muscle. 
  • Preacher curl - use of a preacher bench to support the upper arms on a sloped surface.
  • Hammer curl - curling dumbbells with palm facing inward 


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