Farmer's Walk

The Farmer's Walk is an old school exercise that builds grip strength and endurance.

  • Primary Muscle: Forearms
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Back, Abdominals, Legs
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Optional: Kettlebell, Dumbbells

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  • Farmer's Walk Guide

    The Farmers Walk is a simple old-school strongman exercise that builds grip strength and coordinated body effort. The exercise is a great measure of back and grip strength and can be a real test of both physical and mental endurance.

    The Farmer's Walk involves grasping a weight in each hand, standing-up and walking. It's used in professional strongman competitions in which the objective can be walking for the longest distance with a pre-allowed number of set downs, or to see who can complete a distance in the fastest time. 

    Usually placed at the end of workout because it's highly taxing on the grip, the Farmer's Walk is a great all-round exercise to add into your regime. 

    How to do the Farmer's Walk

    1. Deadlift the weights to a standing position, with weights held out to the side of the body. 
    2. Walk as far as you can until you need to set down the weights (typically 50-100 feet)
    3. Rest, then pick-up the weights and return to the starting position.
    • Training for strength: Use heavy weights, as close to your own bodyweight as possible, distances will be short when handling these kind of weights.
    • Endurance / grip training: Use a lighter weight that allows you to travel longer distances but still challenges you physically.
    • Make sure your training area is flat and free of obstacles
    • Maintain good, upright posture throughout
    • Dumbbells and kettlebells are good choices of equipment for this exercise. 

    Beginning the Farmer's Walk

    It's important that you have the requisite back and grip strength before starting the Farmer's Walk with heavy weights approaching your own bodyweight.

    Use deadlifts as an overall preparation exercise and for developing back strength, shrugs for building trap strength, and squats to strengthen the legs and core, to ensure that you can handle walking with heavy weights and maintaining sufficient control. 


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