Front Lever on Rings

The front lever is a fundamental gymnastics strength hold that trains the core body and back muscles. This exercise considers the bodyweight hold on a set of gymnastics rings rather than static bar.

Primary Muscle Abdominals
Secondary Muscle(s) Back
Difficulty Advanced
Also known as Rings Front Lever
Equipment Rings
Optional Resistance Bands, Weighted Vest

A guide to front levers using rings

The front lever is a fundamental gymnastics strength hold that build a strong torso.

For an indepth review of the front lever with progression exercises and detailed body positions checkout the bar front lever article. This article considers the front lever using gymnastics rings. 

Pull-up bars vs rings for the front lever?

Much of the choice between rings and static bars for the front lever is down to personal preference and past training style.

However, as the rings can freely move and aren't fixed in place like a bar, some people find rings more comfortable to use and make quicker progressions to the full lever hold because they can manipulate the rings to their strongest position.

How to do the front lever on rings

  1. Hang upside down from the gymnastics rings with palms of the hands facing downwards. Squeeze the rings and push downwards to engage the body and create muscular tension. 
  2. Lower the body down to a horizontal position, parallel to the ground and body facing upwards. 
  3. Maintain the hold as long as good form will allow. 


  • As you develop in strength try to move into the front lever from a dead hang rather than lowering from inverted hang. 
  • Keep the body stretched out and point the toes, ensuring that you do not bend at the hips.

Front lever progressions

The following progression exercises are recommended for the front lever - 

  1. Pullover
  2. Inverted rows
  3. Weighted pull-ups
  4. Tuck lever
    1. Negative tuck levers
    2. Tuck lever hold
    3. Tuck lever rise
    4. Tuck lever pull-ups
  5. Skin the cat
  6. Single leg front lever
  7. Straddle front lever

Band assisted front lever

Resistance bands can be a useful aid to finese the front lever by supporting some of your body weight.

Advanced ring front levers

If you're looking to progress from the front lever here are some advanced variations - 

  1. Front lever pull-ups on rings - whilst in the horizontal front lever position pull-up to the rings. 
  2. Ice cream maker
  3. One-arm front lever


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.