Front Pendulum

A fundamental club training movement that is a good conditioning exercise and builds coordination and total body strength.

Primary Muscle Quadriceps
Secondary Muscle(s) Shoulders, Abdominals, Hamstrings
Difficulty Intermediate
Also known as Club pendulum
Equipment Weighted Club

How to do the Front Pendulum

The Front Pendulum exercise is similar in form to the Front Swing but involves you "catching" the club in position at the top of the swing and absorbing the movement with the legs. These additions increase the complexity of the exercise but help build coordination and strength. 

  1. Hold the clubs in a vertical position, parallel with your torso, elbows bent and wrists straight.
  2. Project the top of the club up and out until you have full arm lock, and only when this point is reached should you begin the down swing (ensuring a smooth action).
  3. Whilst maintaining control, let the clubs swing out in front and then behind of you. On the returning upswing drive up with the legs to bring the clubs back up to shoulder height. 
  4. At shoulder height, contract your elbows down and pull the barrel of the club back up to the vertical starting position. Absorb the momentum from this movement by bending at the hips and knees. 
  5. As soon as you reach the starting position once more, spring into another repetition.   


  • This exercise can be performed with one or two clubs. 
  • Ensure that the club swing is smooth, with no jerking movements. 
  • Keep your back straight throughout. 

Beginning the Front Pendulum

If you're new to club training it's important that you first master the Front Swing as this is a more basic variation of the Front Pendulum. 


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.