Overhead Lunge

The overhead lunge is an advanced weighted lunge movement for excellent lower body development and shoulder strength.

  • Primary Muscle: Quadriceps
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Shoulders, Abdominals
  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Also known as: Walking Overhead Lunge, Alternating Overhead Lunge
  • Optional: Kettlebell, Medicine Ball, Barbell and Weights, Dumbbells

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  • How to do the overhead lunge

    1. Stand with the feet together and press a weight plate over head (or other weighted object).
    2. Step one foot forward into a deep lunge position, with the weight kept overhead. The torso should remain upright. 
    3. Drive the foremost foot into the ground and return to the starting position. 
    4. Repeat for desired repetitions. 


    • You can also perform walking overhead lunges for distance. 
    • Engage the core body throughout the exercise and lock the arms. 
    • Ensure you're using a weight that you can comfortably hold. 

    Overhead lunge guide

    The Overhead Lunge is a more advanced variation on the standard lunge and is a powerful leg exercise, also building shoulder and core body strength.

    This is a very potent exercise that takes intense coordination to execute and trains multiple fitness skills (strength, flexibility, balance).

    If you're new to the exercise practice without weight first to learn the movement and correct form. 

    Overhead lunge variations 

    • Walking overhead lunge - stepping the back foot forward and walking the lunge out for distance. 
    • Alternate overhead lunge - training alternate legs for each rep. 
    • Bodyweight lunge
    • Lunge jump


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