Side Plank Star

A modified version of the plank exericse, the Side Plank Star works the abs and obliques like few other exercises can.

  • Primary Muscle: Abdominals
  • Secondary Muscle(s): Shoulders
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

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  • How to do the Side Plank Star

    The side plank star is an advanced core body exercise which targets your abs, obliques, hips, and upperbody, whilst promoting strength gains and increased stability and balance. Attempt this exercise only after first mastering the standard side plank.

    To perform the side plank star exericse:

    1. Lie on your side with your right forearm resting on the ground and your feet on top of one another.
    2. Lift your body off the ground supported by your forearm and feet, into the side plank position. 
    3. Seperate your legs from one another raising the uppermost leg into the air.
    4. Hold this star position for desired time and lower the leg back down. Repeat for the set, then swap sides. 

    Beginning the Side Plank Star

    If you are having difficulties with the side plank star you should first build up the required strength through standard plank exercises or side plank training.

    Advanced Side Plank Star

    When ready to progress from the Side Plank Star you can move to supporting your bodyweight with your hand instead of the forearm, your arm being straight to increase the complexity of the exercise.


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