Support Position

The support position is the fundamental starting point for ring training and to develop the ability to manipulate your own bodyweight. This static hold will develop the core strength required to simply suspend your body from the floor, assisted only by the arms.

Primary Muscle Arms
Secondary Muscle(s) Back
Difficulty Beginner
Also known as Bodyweight Hold, Bodyweight Support, Body Support, Support Hold
Optional Rings, Parallel Bars

How to do the Support Position

The instructions below assume the support position is being performed on gymnastics rings, although the exercise can also be performed on a parallel bar.

  1. Set the rings to the appropriate height so your feet will not touch the floor during the exercise.
  2. Grip the rings and hoist yourself above them so your feet are off the ground and you're supporting your bodyweight with the arms.
  3. Keep your arms straight and simply maintain the hold for as long as possible. 


  • Ensure that your arms are completely straight and not resting against the straps for support. Relying on the straps will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise. 

Ring Support Position Guide

The ring support position is the starting point for ring training beginners. The ability to support your body weight above the rings is a fundamental component of bodyweight training and practitioners should be competent in this skill before moving on to any of the more advanced exercises. 

If you are new to ring training you will probably be suprised at how difficult even this basic exercise is. It takes a considerable amount of strength just to support yourself and maintain the rings at your sides.

Develop a solid support hold which you can hold for a minimum of 15 seconds with minimal movement in the body or rings before progressing with your ring training.


Always consult your GP before undertaking any form of weight loss, fitness or exercise.