MMA Live Fight

MMA Guide

An introduction to the professional sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)... Read More

Sep 11 2010 MMA - Mixed Martial Arts
CrossFit logo

CrossFit Guide

An introductory guide to the world of CrossFit. A controversial fitness movement taking the world by storm but producing some of the most well-rounded athletes the world by storm... Read More

May 30 2010 CrossFit
Fitstream Parallettes

Make Your Own Parallettes

Fitstreams answer to making homemade PVC parallettes for the ultimate bodyweight training... Read More

May 03 2010 DIY Fitness Equipment
Kettlebell Training Montage

Kettlebell Exercises

A beginners guide to kettlebell exercises... Read More

Nov 19 2009 Kettlebell Training
FS Weighted Vest

Weighted Vest Guide

A general fitness guide to choosing and using a weighted vest in your training and the benefits vests have on your bodyweight workouts... Read More

Oct 20 2009 Weighted Vest
Paper Fitness Journal

Training Journal

Download our free Excel or PDF templates for logging your fitness workouts for both cardio or weight training... Read More

Oct 10 2009 Managing Your Health and Fitness
Rings Direction

Setting Up Rings

Advice on how and where to install your gymnastics rings for fitness training and workouts. Please note that this article considers installation of fitness rings for bodyweight / strength training and not rings that are to be used for competitive gymnastics or dismounts... Read More

Oct 05 2009 Ring Training
Band Assisted Handstand

Resistance Bands Guide

An introductory guide to the cheap and flexible fitness solution that is the resistance band. What they are, how they are used, and how you can get started with resistance band training to help your workout regimes... Read More

Sep 19 2009 Resistance Bands
Home gym blueprint

Home Gym Guide

A guide to setting up a home gym and working out in your own home... Read More

Jun 24 2009 Home Gym
4kg Club Thumbnail

Club Training Guide

An introductory guide to exercising with weighted clubs. This article contains everything you need to know to start club swinging and lifting... Read More

May 03 2009 Club Training